Railroad History Erie-Lackawanna Caboose C356

by RTMuseum

Railroad history abounds here in Northwestern Pennsylvania! One of our recent favorites is the Erie Lackawanna Caboose C356 which was built in Kenton, Ohio in 1969 and roamed the Northeast United States for nearly 20 years before being singled out for a special purpose.

Railroad History - Erie Lackawanna Caboose C356

Erie-Lackawanna caboose C356 passed through Meadville numerous times while active on the railroad, including a stop here sometime after August 1973 for a facelift.

Originally painted red, the classic caboose color the artisans in the EL Meadville Paint Shop gave it a maroon, gray and yellow overhaul. In 1976, ownership was transferred to Conrail and the caboose was renumbered as Conrail 21152. Finally, in 1988, the trustees of the Erie-Lackawanna Corp purchased the caboose and donated it to the Erie-Lackawanna Historical Society (ELHS) to be used on the Morristown & Erie Railroad in Morristown, NJ. While under the care of the ELHS, C356 was restored to its maroon, gray and yellow colors.

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