About The Railroad and Tooling Museum

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroad & Tooling Museum is a non-profit organization (501c3) established for educational and public service purposes. Five organizations have joined together to make this idea a reality. They are the French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society (FCV), The Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), The Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum (J-S), The Crawford County Historical Society (CCHS), and The CrawfordCounty Convention & Visitors Bureau (CCC&VB). The intent is to build an impressive 24,000 square foot museum that celebrates the industrial history of our region.

We recognize the current budget problems our State and Federal governments are facing. We intend to build the museum using private, not public money. Sustainability is a major concern. We must have a plan in place to finance the museum during hard times and we must generate continued interest in the museum by our local residents. We believe an endowment fund already established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation, if adequately funded, will address the money issue. We hope to encourage frequent visits by the local population using temporary exhibits, not necessarily industry-related, which will be changed monthly. Examples of possible temporary exhibits include motorcycles, dollhouses, racecars, Steelers and Browns memorabilia, and antique firearms.

We are well along in the planning process. We have evaluated five possible sites and made our selection. We have completed a business plan. We have building renderings and a site plan. We are now in the process of acquiring the chosen site. We invite you to return to our web page frequently to follow the progress of the Museum. Please forward your ideas and suggestions via the link on our home page.

Thank you.